Clients can build their own
trading applications,obtain
market and chart data
and view SFEX account detail
using our API solutions.


Diverse tools to boost your trading

API Labs

SFEX clients can build their own trading applications, obtain market and chart data and view SFEX account detail using our API solutions.

Multi-account management software

With SFEX multi-account management software, you can implement multi-account synchronization operations, copy trade, reverse trade.

Trading sentiment index

The SFEX user sentiment index can reflect the market trading sentiment and the current overall position of retail investors in the market.

Trading indicators

Third-party auxiliary analysis tools to more accurately grasp market trends.

Trading sentiment index

Chart Meaning:The SFEX User Sentiment Index is used for monitoring the current market sentiment, which reflects the holding positions of investors. When the net positions increase, a price trend might be underway. However, the trend might be reversed if the trade get too crowded.

Statistical Description:Count the proportion of the number of long orders to the short orders in the current positions, and update the data every 10 minutes.