FAQ——Documents and forms

 How do I send my identification document to SFEX?

You need to log in to the VIP center with the registered account and password (registration information can be found in your registered email), and submit your identification document on the 【Authentication Management】 page.

If you are unable to log in to the website, you can also submit electronic proof documents (in JPG, GIF, DOC, PDF format, please do not add password protection), and then email to support@sfex.vip

 Why are these supporting documents needed?

These steps are designed to ensure that the information on the application form is valid and to protect customers from fraud. SFEX uses different identification and audit systems to confirm the identity of customers. If we fail to confirm the identity of the customer, we will ask the customer to provide additional information.

 My file is not in English, is it ok?

SFEX staff can translate documents into multiple languages. If we do not have an internal translator, you may be asked to provide a certified English translation of the supporting documents submitted.

 What information must be clearly displayed in my passport or national ID card?

Your identification document must clearly show your full name, date of birth and expiration date. The name on the passport or national ID card must be the same as the name on the SFEX transaction agreement.

 What are the government-issued photo identification documents?

SFEX accepts government-issued photo identification documents including (but not limited to): passports, driving licenses, and national identification documents. SFEX may also accept other types of identification documents with photos issued by the government after review, depending on individual circumstances.

 What information must be included in the proof of address?

The proof of address must show your name and address shown on the transaction agreement. The relevant documents must be issued within the last 6 months.

 What documents can be used as proof of address?

The proof of address accepted by SFEX includes: water, electricity and coal statements, bank or credit card statements and current leases. These documents must be complete because SFEX does not accept payment stubs or folded documents. You can delete confidential information such as account number at your discretion.

 I am renting, and all bills are the name of the owner. Is this ok?

We need a document showing your name and address shown on the transaction agreement. A common solution is to provide a copy of the bank statement or lease agreement that has been signed and shows the terms of the lease.

 My address does not receive mail. Can I submit a file showing my email number?

We do not accept proof of address with only a mailbox number. A common solution is to submit a document showing both the service address and mailing address, such as a utility bill.

 My driver's license is printed with my address. Can I use this document as proof of identity and address?

SFEX requires you to provide two separate documents for the identification process.

The driver's license can be used as proof of identity or address, but not as proof of both.

 The driver's license can be used as proof of identity or address, but not as proof of both.

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This includes taking appropriate countermeasures to protect our company and customers from increasing financial crimes and changing regulations, thereby ensuring the safety and stability of the financial industry.

Our auditor may ask certain customers who have potential risks to provide further materials. We may ask customers (including new and existing customers) to confirm that we hold accurate and up-to-date financial information. In addition, in order to verify the relevant information, we may ask customers to provide explanations and supporting documents.