FAQ——Top Questions

 What is a VIP member?

SFEX's VIP membership model is the first in the world. We are committed to let every trader enjoy the trading environment of professional institutions and traders, and participate in the financial market at the lowest transaction cost.

VIP members have extremely low transaction costs. EUR / USD spread is 0.5-0.6 points; USD / JPY spread is 0.5-0.8 points; GBP / JPY spread is 0.7-1.0 points.

See more spreads  https://www.sfexvip.com/trade/vip/language/en-us

The VIP membership fee only costs US $ 24.9 per month, which is only one-tenth or even one-hundredth of your usual monthly transaction cost. After joining the VIP plan, there is no need to pay any additional commission for transactions.

 Invite friends to receive VIP membership activities for free

SFEX has no agency system. We try our best to keep our operating costs down and give more profits to every traders. Our development relies more on the reputation of each trader. Customers invite friends to register for a transaction. Both parties can receive a one-month VIP membership, and members can accumulate, and can receive up to 6 months of VIP membership for free.

We provide each customer with an exclusive link to invite friends, link location 【VIP Center】

 Partner & Super Partner

SFEX is a highly innovative forex exchange broker. We provide each retail customer with an institutional-level trading environment. We have eliminated all intermediate links and provided investors with the lowest transaction costs in the market, so we do not have IB brokers. In order to better serve global investors, we have provided 200 super partner places around the world. Become a super partner, you will enjoy the dividends from SFEX forever.

About partner income https://www.sfexvip.com/node/index/language/en-us

 What are the ways to deposit funds?

1. If you want to deposit funds in local currency, you can choose to transfer via UnionPay

Use local currency to buy USD into gold, and make cross-border transfers through banks.

2. If you already have USDT, you can choose to deposit USDT directly

After binding your outgoing USDT wallet address, you can deposit USDT directly into your wallet in SFEX.

3. If you have USD assets, you can choose bank wire transfer

You can either buy U.S. dollars at the bank or use your U.S. dollar deposit account to directly wire U.S. dollars to SFEX's regulated account.

 How to open a real account?

Complete your personal information on the registration page and submit your identity documents to quickly open an account. The account can be successfully opened in 5 minutes.

1. Register online in 1 minute.

You will receive verification information in your email, and you can log in to the VIP center to improve your personal information.

2. It takes 2 minutes to submit photo identification documents issued by the government.

You can upload the file to the VIP center and wait for the Back office review. If you are unable to log in to the VIP center, you can also send the supporting documents (in JPG, GIF, BMP, DOC, PDF format, please do not add password protection) after scanning to email to support@sfex.vip

3. Wait two minutes for approval.

4. Deposit funds.

You can deposit funds in local currency through UnionPay transfer, and deposit funds through bank cross-border transfers.

Open an account to give VIP members:https://www.sfexvip.com/trade/vip/language/zh-cn

For anything about opening an account, you can contact SFEX through online consultation.

Consultation link:https://www.sfexvip.com/trade/vip/language/zh-cn

 How to withdraw funds?

Withdrawing funds from the SFEX trading account is quick and easy. You can submit a withdrawal request directly at the VIP center.

 What is the minimum capital requirement for opening an account?

You can open a real account for only $ 100.

 Where to download MetaTrader 4?

The industry's most powerful foreign exchange trading platform

SFEX's MT4 platform is designed to give traders a first chance in a changing market. We provide advanced charts, massive technical indicators, accurate real-time quotes, real-time news and analysis, and a complete automated trading system.

SFEX provides super fast execution speed for programmatic EA traders. We have cooperated with top forex liquidity providers to obtain deeper liquidity and provide real-time quotes for many types of trading products. You can download the MT4 software for free and experience a low-spread, highly transparent trading environment.

We provide three versions of MT4 platform download https://www.sfexvip.com/trade/mt4/language/en-us

 How to use MT4 system in Apple mobile phone system?

You can search Metatrader 4 in the App store of your phone and install the trading platform. Add your trading account in 【Settings】. Select the server name as "SFEXGlobal-Real" or "SFEXGlobal-Demo"

 How to use MT4 system in Android phone system?

You can search for Metatrader 4 in the 【App Store】 on your phone and install the trading platform. Add your trading account in 【Settings】. Select the server name as "SFEXGlobal-Real" or "SFEXGlobal-Demo"

The Android system has different 【app stores】because of your mobile phone brand, you can find MetaTrader 4 in multiple 【app stores】.