FAQ——open an account

  How to open a real account?

Complete your personal information on the registration page and submit your identity documents to quickly open an account. The account can be successfully opened in 5 minutes.

1. Register online in 1 minute.

You will receive verification information in your email, and you can log in to the VIP center to improve your personal information.

2. It takes 2 minutes to submit photo identification documents issued by the government.

You can upload the file to the VIP center and wait for the background review. If you are unable to log in to the VIP center, you can also send the supporting documents (in JPG, GIF, BMP, DOC, PDF format, please do not add password protection) after scanning to email to support@sfex.vip

3. Wait two minutes for approval.

4. Deposit funds.

You can deposit funds in local currency through UnionPay transfer, and deposit funds through bank cross-border transfers.

Open an account to give VIP members:https://www.sfexvip.com/trade/vip/language/zh-cn

For anything about opening an account, you can contact SFEX through online consultation

Consultation link:https://www.sfexvip.com/trade/vip/language/zh-cn

  Is there any charge for opening an account?

There is no charge for opening a trading account.

  How many accounts can I open?

The number of real trading accounts you can open may be limited. To open an additional account, please contact online customer service..

  What must be included in the photo identification document issued by the government?

The government-issued photo identification document must show:

1. The name shown on your application for opening an account.

2. The date of birth and the certificate are valid.

  Can I use my driver's license as a proof of identity and address?

If your government-issued photo identification document lists the address shown on your account opening application, it can be used as an identification document or proof of address.