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Get your $50 trading bonus

Release time:2020-08-06 10:21

The bonus activity is used for customers to experience the SFEX account opening process and the real trading environment.
Clients need to be invited by SFEX partners to participate in the $50 bonus activities.
The activities is only for newly registered users of SFEX. Existing customers are not allowed to apply for the $50  bonus account.
 •The profit earned by the bonus can be withdrawn, and a single bonus account can receive up to $200 in profit.
• The 50 USD bonus campaign does not support the use of Expert Advisors.
• Each customer can only receive the bonus once, and the bonus is valid for 30 days, and the bonus cannot be withdrawn or transferred.
• The minimum withdrawal limit for a single bonus account is $100.
•When the profit is withdrawn, the bonus will be invalidated simultaneously.
• Each customer can receive a 30-day VIP service.
• If the account holder provides incorrect, false or misleading information during the registration process, all profits obtained and transferred from the bonus activity will be deemed invalid.
•SFEX reserves the right to cancel any user’s activity qualification if there is suspicion of misuse or abuse.
• Internal hedging of trading positions (with other SFEX trading accounts) or external hedging (with other traders' trading accounts) will be considered abuse.
• If the IP address or other signs partially or completely match or belong to the bonus account of the same person, SFEX reserves the right to reject the reward request or freeze the bonus account.
• Use of the breakdown in the quote stream to obtain profits or any other form of fraudulent activity will be considered abuse.
•SFEX reserves the right to change the terms of the event or cancel the event at any time.
• Any disputes or misunderstandings that may occur will be resolved by the SFEX management team in the most fair way.